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The hard workers of Pittsburgh need quality work boots that’ll keep their feet safe, warm and dry. No matter what task is at hand, investing in a pair of Red Wing Shoes will help you get that job done. Whether you are looking for steel toed boots, safety toe, waterproof boots, or anything else… you can trust the Red Wing Shoes name. Our Independent, Veteran-Owned Monroeville location delivers the finest in quality, craftsmanship and longevity that Red Wing Shoes has to offer.

Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time. Red Wing crafted purpose-built footwear since 1905. Our designs, methods and innovations have been at the cutting edge of boot crafting for over a century. Red Wing Shoes is the gold standard for excellence in footwear.

It’s not only about the product, either. We pride ourselves on service after the sale. We proudly offer a free, once-a-month service program that will keep your boots in great shape for years to come. As is custom for Red Wing Shoes, you’ll receive nothing but the best product and best service from our store in Monroeville.

Behind each pair of shoes in store exists over a century of experience. When you need work boots, dress boots, hunting boots, or anything in between – think of quality. Think of Red Wing in Monroeville!

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