Our Free 30-Day Service Program

When you buy Red Wings, you’re not just buying boots. You’re becoming a member  of the Red Wing family… and as they say, membership has its perks! On top of owning the best boots made today, you’ll also get once-monthly FREE service on them from our in-store boot care experts.

See below for the services we offer, and learn why we strongly suggest you bring your boots into us for your FREE service!

Clean, Polish, and Oil

Cleaning your Red Wings regularly is the best way to keep them looking good and keep them performing as demanded. If you’re cleaning at home, we recommend that you use genuine Red Wing shoe oil to protect your boots and clean them every 4 weeks. However – we’re happy to take care of that for you! Bring your boots to us and we will clean, oil, and polish those bad boys while you wait!


Red Wing’s shoe laces are rated for up to 50,000 repetitions of tying and untying. However strong they might be, someday they’ll need to be replaced… and we’re happy to take care of that for you! During each free 30 day service session, we’ll take a look at your laces, and we’ll replace them if needed at no cost!

Insole Assessment

With regular cleaning, oiling, and polishing… the outside of your boots can last forever! However, it’s unavoidable that with hard work and heavy use, the insoles will start to fade eventually.

During your free 30-day service, we’ll assess how your boots are performing and feeling. We’ll examine your insoles and determine whether or not you need replacement or if there’s a better fit for your foot out there – like our custom Red Wing orthotics.

To determine whether or not you can benefit from custom insoles, we’ll have you step onto our foot-pressure measuring machine. We’ll see how you walk, how you stand, and provide a custom recommendation that will have your feet feeling better than they ever had!

Repair Assessment

Red Wing boots are some of the toughest in the world – but they’ll still need occasional repairs. During your normal 30-day service, we’ll check for any damage that can be repaired. If there is, we’ll take care of it on the spot! Not all of these services are free, but we’ll absolutely discuss that with you if need be. We’re able to take care of most minor repairs in-store, including complete resoling. 

Commitment to Service!

We’re often asked – why do you do this for all of your boots? After all, our competitors don’t. 

The answer is simple. We want you to love your experience with Red Wing far after you walk away from the register. We want to help take care of you and your boots for years! Red Wing boots are an investment, and our passion is to ensure you get your return on them.

So bring those boots up to Red Wing Monroeville, and let us take care of them!

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    Paula Richard
    Paula Richard
    22:40 21 May 19
    What an enjoyable experience. Stephanie was the best. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She fitted me for insoles and am very happy with her choice. What an asset she is to your company.read more
    Howard Mitchell
    Howard Mitchell
    15:42 09 Apr 19
    Redwing has a great reputation and great products. I was glad to find a Redwing store in my area. The staff were helpful and spent time with me. I will definitely purchase from them again and recommend them to family and friends.read more
    Rob Jones
    Rob Jones
    19:34 20 Mar 19
    Every time I walk into the store I want to buy every pair of shoes/boots I see. But I love the extra care of the after-sale work. I can go back in now and then and get the boots some protective touch-up and looking new again. (Well...almost new.) Very cool shop.read more
    Rebekah Rodkey
    Rebekah Rodkey
    17:52 02 Mar 19
    Great store with excellent customer service. Josh was fantastic, handling the Saturday morning high customer volume including our inquisitive toddler like a champ. My husband walked out of the store wearing a high quality Red Wing work boot that was properly fitted and at a reasonable price. Invest in your feet!read more
    22:52 17 Feb 19
    The sales person (Brandon) I dealt with was probably the best I have ever dealt with. After he finished up with another customer he gave a quick rundown of which boots were where. Brandon gave me just enough time to think of what I might want and started going into specifics about the materials in the boot. Not once did he try to upsell me (which I hate). Ex: He recommended the inserts to buy, but did not push the item. Overall I would go back to the store in a heartbeat. That was probably the least painful experience I’ve ever had buying boots, and I’ll be sure to stop back.read more
    Jaeci Joseph
    Jaeci Joseph
    17:06 14 Jan 19
    Great store! I’ve heard good things about Red Wings from family but never stopped in. My first time there Vince took care of me and answered all of questions! He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products! Definitely recommend.read more
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