Reviews and Testimonials

No bones about it – folks love their Red Wing Boots. You don’t just have to take our word for it! Read some reviews from some of the fine folks that have shopped at our store in Monroeville:

Reviews and Testimonials

Franko“Amazing shopping experience!! The store manager, Vince, helped me find the perfect replacement for a pair boots that had been recently discontinued. I was overwhelmed by his personality and overall product knowledge. Red Wing’s reputation procedes itself.”

Joyce“Exceptional boots and wonderful service. My feet ache most of the time, but not with these boots. Great accessories including long metal shoe horns. Will be recommending this store to my family and friends.

Just adding to previous review:
My extended family has purchased several pairs of boots from the Monroeville Red Wing in the short time it has been open and have all been exceptionally pleased. When talking over Christmas, my nephew, who doesn’t comment on many clothing items, described his boots as “life changing”. His job requires steel toed boots and after experiencing the discomfort and the rapid wearing out of other boots, the guy could not be happier. Certainly makes the work day more pleasant.”

AJ – “As a long time loyal Red Wing customer, I can certainly vouch for Red Wing Monroeville. The manager measured and found the perfect fit for me. As always, the quality and look of the boots are second to none. The staff also provided a family friendly atmosphere for my son as he waited. I can’t recommend this store enough!”

Justin“Great store, great prices, great employees! I often struggle to get the right fit when shopping for boots online. The staff got me the perfect fit I’ve been searching for at great price. I would recommend Red Wing Monroeville to anyone and everyone”

Joan – “Beautiful store. Friendly staff. Great location. I highly recommend it. Plenty of items for women too!”

Jared – “Just prior to a Colorado hunting trip, I spoke with the owner/manager of Red Wing Monroeville about concerns I had about my feet during such a hunt. He recommend the Irish Setter VaprTrek boots. Needless to say, I walked away with a pair. After break-in and wearing them for approximately 20 miles the first week, I noticed they became more and more comfortable with each step. I love the customer service at Red Wing Monroeville just as much as I love my new boots! They both are fantastic! If your ever in the area or just need a new set of kicks, swing in and talk to the staff. You may walk out feeling like family!”

Rick – “Good selection, good service, met all of our needs. Looking forward to returning!”

Jessica “Excellent and knowledgeable staff, great inventory and comfortable boot buying experience. Also stocked with accessories such as belts, wallets, sunglasses, etc”

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