Industrial Athletic Shoes from Red Wing Monroeville

Athletic ShoesSometimes even if you’re not on the court or the field, you need a pair of flexible, durable, and agile shoes. When you combine that need with Red Wing Shoes? Great things happen… like our line of Industrial Athletic shoes!

Many of our customers are what we call “industrial athletes.” They have to be light on their feet for their job, but need high levels of protection still. For example, folks that work in big stock warehouses have to be able to climb and lift/carry heavy objects – all things that can be made a little more difficult in a high-ankle, heavy leather work boot.

We always say – for every job, there’s work footwear made to tackle it. For jobs like that – look for Red Wing’s Industrial Athlete footwear! 

Athletic Shoes for Industrial Athletes

Athletic ShoesRed Wing’s athletic shoes are built to perform under strenuous conditions. They are lightweight, low profile, and flexible. They feature breathable mesh sections to prevent swamp foot on those hot days when the AC isn’t working, and they feature non-marking soles so your boss doesn’t get on you about scuffing up his floor.

So, we’re already off to a great start! However, we just wouldn’t feel right about calling them “Red Wings” if they didn’t protection for your feet. Our industrial athletic shoes have a lightweight aluminum safety toe that delivers strong protection without sacrificing comfort. If you’ve got a job that requires maximum protection, these aren’t what your looking for… but if you’ve got a job like the one we outlined above, the safety toes of this line are more then enough to keep you safe throughout your busy day.

Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and widths, these outstanding shoes deliver the comfort, flexibility, and protection. These are all things things that you’ve come to expect from Red Wing shoes, but with the athleticism and agility you wouldn’t think of when you hear our historied name!

Watch the video below to learn more…

Get Fitted for Athletic Shoes from Red Wing!

Athletic ShoesWe’ve got a great selection of these industrial athletic shoes in store and can order anything else you need, straight to your home, from the factory Head up to Red Wing Monroeville – we’ll get you the perfect fit in the right athletic footwear for the job.

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