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Red Wing Shoes Cleaning Guide!


Now that you’ve invested in a pair of the best work boots in the world, Red Wing boots, we want to help you protect that investment. We’re all about service after the sale, and while we happily provide complimentary cleaning services once a month, sometimes your Red Wings will need more frequent care – especially during the wet seasons and cold seasons here in Pittsburgh! So, we’ve put together this cleaning guide that walks you through the process of how to keep those Red Wings looking good and lasting longer!

While we have a great selection of leathers and styles that require different levels/types of care, the basic instructions for cleaning your Red Wing Boots are this: Clean, Condition, and Protect.

Cleaning your Red Wing Boots

The first step is to remove all the grit, grime, mud, dirt, etc that has built up on your red wings. Ya know… the cleaning part of Continue reading

Now Serving Monaca!


Red Wing Monroeville is excited to announce that we’re now able to service the commercial and industrial businesses in the Monaca area in the wake of our sister store closing! 

The Red Wing Shoes Advantage – In Monaca, and Everywhere Else!
We’ll Come to Monaca!

Red Wing Monroeville’s industrial sales team will come to your work site in Monaca, fit your guys individually, and come back with their customized boot orders. No lost time on the work site, and you won’t have to ask your guys to take extra time outside of work!

Guaranteed fit by experts

Each member of our staff is totally familiar with each and every pair of boots we sell. We know which ones have bigger toe boxes, which ones are best for narrow heels, which ones run big or small. We promise to get your guys a perfect fit, and we won’t stop until that’s done

Best Boots in the World

Our Continue reading

Red Wing Monroeville – an Independently Owned Red Wing Store

independently Owned

You already knew that Red Wing Shoes was a little different than most chain shoe stores. Our mission, our product, and our dedication to service after the sale is a far departure from what you get at the big-box stores that happen to have a shoe department. However, the differences don’t end there… at least not for Red Wing Monroeville! Our store is completely independently owned, and we’re proud of that!

What Makes Us Different

Don’t get us wrong – you’ll find great service and products at any Red Wing Shoe store. We just take it a step even further. When you drop by the store, you’ll likely meet our owner – if he’s not out personally servicing an industrial account. We live in Pittsburgh… so when you buy a pair of our boots? That money goes to local Pittsburgh workers. Who spend it at local Pittsburgh stores (and breweries!)

Independently owned means Continue reading

Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program

Proudly Serving Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas!

Pro-Tip, from one business owner to another: guys like working for a company that takes care of them. They’ll work harder for a company that they think values their safety. And, obviously, the safer and more comfortable they are, the less they’ll miss work. If this all sounds good to you, Red Wing Shoes has the perfect solution: The Red Wing for Business (RWFB) Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program!

The Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program

Our Industrial Sales coordinators have one mission: to get a pair of the world’s best work boots on each one of your workers. We strive to make this process as quick and efficient as possible for you and your guys. Of course, our product speaks for itself. However, our dedication to service after the sale is another factor that sets us apart from the rest. Not only will we bring our shoes Continue reading

Irish Setters from Red Wing Monroeville

Red Wing Shoe’s Irish Setter brand has long been thought of as a comfortable, durable, purpose built and high performing line of shoes. Like Red Wing itself, these boots have a long and rich history. Let’s dive a little deeper into that history, as well as what to expect from Irish Setters in 2019!

From a New Model

Red Wing Shoes launched boot style 854 in 1950 by our master cobblers out of our now world-famous Red Russet leather. These were boots for hard workers and dutiful outdoorsmen. The red russet leather and nature of these boots quickly led to the nickname “Irish Setter”, after the dependable and legendary dog breed. the nickname caught on fast, and with the success of 854, many new Irish Setters were designed and produced. A new line of boots was born!

To a whole new brand!

After 70 years, our Irish Setter brand is still going strong. Folks Continue reading

Toys for Tots Drive!


Happy Holidays from Red Wing Monroeville! As we get into the holiday season, we have a lot to be thankful for. It’s been a great year at our store, and we have the wonderful Monroeville and Pittsburgh communities to thank for that. In the spirit of the holidays, we want to give back to those in need in our community. As a veteran owned business, teaming up with the Marine Corps to participate in their annual Toys For Tots drive this year was the perfect fit!

The Marine Toys For Tots Program

No kids should wake up on Christmas morning without a toy to open. The Marines have made it their mission to provide toys to children-in-need throughout the community.

The program is simple: bring toys to designated drop-off locations in the greater Pittsburgh area (our store Continue reading

Red Wing Hunting Boots in Pittsburgh

Hunting season is here (or, almost here, depending on how you hunt!) It’s time to hit the game trails and stalk your prey. You’re no greenhorn though – you know that before you step foot in the wilds, you need to thoroughly test and inspect all of your hunting equipment. From stands and blinds to calls and scopes… everything needs to be right. There’s nothing worse than coming back from the hunt empty handed because your gear failed. There’s one piece of kit you might not be thinking of that’s as important as anything else… your hunting boots! If your hunting boots are beat up, out of shape, and just not capable of getting the job done, we can help. Red Wing proudly stocks the world’s best hunting boots… Irish Setters!

Irish Setters – Red Wing Monroeville’s Hunting Boots

Like all of our boots, our Irish Setter Hunting boots are purpose built Continue reading

Boot Spotlight: the 83600 and the 2401

Welcome back to the Red Wing Monroeville blog! We’d like to take some time on this entry to put a spotlight on two of our best selling and most well-received boots: The Ramsey 83600 and the FlexForce 2401! These boots are available at Red Wing Monroeville. If once you’re done reading this blog you decide you need a pair? You know where to find us!

Boot 83600 – Ramsey 6-inch

Boot 83600 is designed to tackle the elements while helping you get the job done! Designed by master cobblers with construction and contracting workers in mind, this boot offers great protection from work hazards and weatherproofing that keeps your feet warm and dry throughout the day. Unless this is your first year in Pittsburgh, you know how our winters can get… and this is the boot for taking them on!  

Boot 2401 – FlexForce 6-inch

Another fantastic boot for getting the job done in Continue reading

Industrial Athletic Shoes from Red Wing Monroeville

Sometimes even if you’re not on the court or the field, you need a pair of flexible, durable, and agile shoes. When you combine that need with Red Wing Shoes? Great things happen… like our line of Industrial Athletic shoes!

Many of our customers are what we call “industrial athletes.” They have to be light on their feet for their job, but need high levels of protection still. For example, folks that work in big stock warehouses have to be able to climb and lift/carry heavy objects – all things that can be made a little more difficult in a high-ankle, heavy leather work boot.

We always say – for every job, there’s work footwear made to tackle it. For jobs like that – look for Red Wing’s Industrial Athlete footwear! 

Athletic Shoes for Industrial Athletes

Red Wing’s athletic shoes are built to perform under strenuous conditions. They are lightweight, low profile, and flexible. Continue reading

Get the Right Fit

Right Fit

We’ll cut to the chase – you need to get the right fit for every new pair of work boots that you buy. It’s that simple. When you’re going to be working hard, day-in and day-out, in a pair of boots? Knowing your standard shoe size is just not enough to guarantee the right fit.

That’s where we come in! Our guys know each pair of our boots inside-out. We know the boots that run a little wide and thin. We know the ones that run long or short. Need boots that are lighter? We got ya. Whatever you need, we know where to find it. We’re all about finding you the most effective and most comfortable work boot in our lineup.

How do we get that done? Well, we can tell you one thing… it’s more complicated then just spitting out a certain shoe size! 

Get the Perfect Fit in the Perfect Continue reading

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