Boot Spotlight: the 83600 and the 2401

Welcome back to the Red Wing Monroeville blog! We’d like to take some time on this entry to put a spotlight on two of our best selling and most well-received boots: The Ramsey 83600 and the FlexForce 2401! These boots are available at Red Wing Monroeville. If once you’re done reading this blog you decide you need a pair? You know where to find us!

Boot 83600 – Ramsey 6-inch

Boot 83600Boot 83600 is designed to tackle the elements while helping you get the job done! Designed by master cobblers with construction and contracting workers in mind, this boot offers great protection from work hazards and weatherproofing that keeps your feet warm and dry throughout the day. Unless this is your first year in Pittsburgh, you know how our winters can get… and this is the boot for taking them on!  

Boot 2401 – FlexForce 6-inch

Another fantastic boot for getting the job done in comfort and style, boot 2401 also offers great protection. With a rubber coated toe-cap for additional protection, this waterproof boot also features protection from both electrical hazards heat, and an aluminum safety toe. boot 2401 is a true Pittsburgh worksman’s boot! 

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Whatever weather, whatever job… these boots will have you covered! When you’re ready to pick up a pair, head on up to the store!

After our extensive (but quick) ultimate fitting process, we’ll be able find you the perfect fit in one of these impressive and versatile work boots. Once that’s done? Bring them in once a month for free cleaning and care. We’ll keep those boots looking and performing great on the house!

Both of these services are free, and they help to prove Red Wing Monroeville’s dedication to service after the sale!

If you have questions about sizing or availability, just give us a ring at 412-372-4902. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you have!


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