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Red Wing BootsAt Red Wing Monroeville, we have a saying: for every job site, hunting blind, event, or hobby you pursue… there’s a Red Wing boot that can make the job easier. That’s why we carry a selection of boots as diversified as the people throughout Pittsburgh… and that’s a lot of diversity!

If you need a steel toed boot to protect your feet at a dangerous work site, look no further! We’ll take care of it! Looking for a hunting boot that will hold up to those long, cold hikes on the game trail? Check and check. Looking for a dressier boot style, like our Heritage boots,  to make a big statement? We’ve got those too. Plus – we’ve got all the boots mentioned above in women’s sizes.

If you need quality footwear, Red Wing Monroeville is the place to go.

Red Wing Monroeville’s Boots

Dress Boots – Built to look great! These will help you to make a statement – a statement that you enjoy the finer things in life. From our Heritage Collection!

Hunting Boots – Built to help you take down your prey! Our hunting footwear is insulated, durable, and heavy duty. No more cold toes out in the blind!

Steel Toe Boots – Built to protect your toes. Each and every pair of Red Wing steel toe footwear is tortuously tested to ensure maximum safety. However, we don’t skimp on comfort! Our steel toe footwear features comfortable footbeds and roomy toe boxes to keep you on your feet during those long days.

Women’s Boots – Built for women! All of Red Wing’s boots come in sizes and styles for women – and we can special order any pair you like!

Waterproof Boots – Built to keep your feet dry! We combined tried-and-true methods for waterproofing with cutting-edge tech and materials to provide you the ultimate solution for keeping your feet dry!

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If you have any questions for us, just let us know! We’d love to help!

To get in touch, either head up to the Monroeville store, send us a detailed message on Facebook, fill out the form to contact Red Wing Monroeville online, or call us at 412-372-4902! Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you!

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