Red Wing Shoes Cleaning Guide!

Now that you’ve invested in a pair of the best work boots in the world, Red Wing boots, we want to help you protect that investment. We’re all about service after the sale, and while we happily provide complimentary cleaning services once a month, sometimes your Red Wings will need more frequent care – especially during the wet seasons and cold seasons here in Pittsburgh! So, we’ve put together this cleaning guide that walks you through the process of how to keep those Red Wings looking good and lasting longer!

While we have a great selection of leathers and styles that require different levels/types of care, the basic instructions for cleaning your Red Wing Boots are this: Clean, Condition, and Protect.

Cleaning your Red Wing Boots

Cleaning Guide: Clean

The first step is to remove all the grit, grime, mud, dirt, etc that has built up on your red wings. Ya know… the cleaning part of this cleaning guide! After unlacing your boots, pour some warm water and cleaning agent (if called for, see below!) on a bristle brush, rag, or cleaner bar. Gently, slowly, and purposefully rub the leather areas of your boot – don’t rush it! For the areas that get dirtier, you’ll want to rub in some Red Wing Leather cleaner.

Cleaning Agents/Tools for Specific Types of Leather:

  • Waterproof: just warm water and a bristle brush.
  • Oiled: Red Wing leather cleaner or saddle soap and rag
  • DryTanned: Red Wing leather cleaner or saddle soap and rag
  • Nubuck/Suede: use a specialized nubuck/suede brush and cleaner bar.

Conditioning your Red Wing BootsCleaning Guide: Condition

Your Red Wings are made from authentic leather, so it will need to be conditioned to retain it’s protective and comfortable properties. Once you’re done cleaning the boots and they’ve dried out, apply the appropriate boot cream (see below)with a clean, dry rag. Let it dry for one hour, and then 

buff your boots with a soft brush.

Conditioning Agents for Specific Types of Leather:

  • Waterproof: Naturseal®/Red Wing mink oil paste.
  • Oiled: Naturseal® , Red Wing boot oil/boot paste/ mink oil.
  • DryTanned: Naturseal®, Red Wing mink oil paste/paste wax/boot polish.
  • Nubuck/Suede: Naturseal®

Protecting your Red Wing Boots

Cleaning Guide: Protect

Your Red Wings have been cleaned and conditioned. Time to lock it in! Head up to the store and grab a bottle of Red Wing leather protector and apply a light layer onto your boots from about a foot away. No need at all to go heavy here – it doesn’t take much to do the job! 

  • For all leathers: Red Wing leather protector or silicone.

Just a note: you can find all the cleaning supplies for your type of boots at our store. Ask one of our associates about it next time you’re in!

Boot Cleaning Videos:

Not big on reading? No worries! It wouldn’t be a modern cleaning guide without some videos to back it up! Check them out below.

We Hope You Enjoyed Our Red Wing Cleaning Guide!

We’re in Pittsburgh, not the sub-arctic circle or the rain forest, so many of you will get by just fine with only getting your boots cleaned by us for free once a month. However, during the wet days of summer and the cold days of winter, especially for those of you with rougher jobs? Hope you get some good use out of this cleaning guide! Let us know if you have any questions. Send us a message on Facebook, call us at 412-372-4902 or contact us online!

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