customer of the month

Customer of the Month

Next time you make it up to the store, whether to have your boots cleaned or get a new pair… take a moment and sign up for our Customer of the Month drawing!

Each month we’ll draw one of your entries, and the winner gets a gift card to Red Wing Monroeville worth $150, redeemable whenever you like!

Billy Bonura Wins Big in February!

He Earned His Wings! Our January winner, Zach Gazze!

Big Buck Contest (Christmas 2017) Winner: Jared Bruno!

Customer of the Month

December 2017 Customer of the Month – Adam Knaresborough

Customer of the Month


One entry is good for life – we’ll add your name to our list  and draw monthly from there! You could win a day after signing up, or many years later. So… what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and once we get this program started, you could be our next winner!