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Dress BootsRed Wing Monroeville’s dress  boots are part of our Heritage Brand. We love all of our Red Wing boots, and think they all look amazing… but Heritage is the brand we recommend if you’re looking specifically for a rugged and aesthetically appealing pair of dress, casual, or lifestyle boots.

Each pair of our Heritage boots are hand-crafted by the master cobblers at the Red Wing factory. These dress and lifestyle boots are renown throughout the world for their look and quality. You could wear these boots to any situation that requires formal wear – a meeting with potential new clients, a first date, or even a wedding! No kidding – we hear reports all the time of customers getting married in their Red Wing Heritage boots. It only takes one look to understand why!

Purpose Built for the Look

The dress boots we carry at Red Wing Monroeville are constructed by our finest craftsmen from the finest materials. These boots will make a statement that truly sets you apart. Make no mistake – our Heritage boots are premium in every regard.

Our Heritage collection demands perfection. That’s why, in the assembly of each and every one of these dress boots, we use leather sourced from SB Foot Tannery – a subsidiary of Red Wing Shoes. (You know the old saying… “if you want something done right!” SB FOOT Tannery tans the premium hide in massive wooden drums… the same way it’s been done for hundreds and hundreds of years. While this tanning process takes much longer, and requires much more attention to detail, the final product speaks volumes! Leather tanned in this manner comes out richer, stronger, fuller, and more beautiful in appearance than other, more “efficient” methods. You’ll notice the difference, the second you see a pair of our Heritage dress boots. Additionally – when you take advantage of the 30 day service program, your boots will remain in their beautiful shape for years.

You will look your best when wearing a pair of our Red Wing Dress Boots.

A Few Examples of Our Lifestyle, Casual, and Dress Boots

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Red Wing Monroeville’s dress boots are premium in every way. They will impress even the harshest of fashion critics… and look good doing it! Ready to look your best? Head up to our Red Wing Monroeville store,  servicing the PIttsburgh area. We’ll get you fitted for a pair of these lifestyle boots today!

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