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Hunting BootsHunting season is here (or, almost here, depending on how you hunt!) It’s time to hit the game trails and stalk your prey. You’re no greenhorn though – you know that before you step foot in the wilds, you need to thoroughly test and inspect all of your hunting equipment. From stands and blinds to calls and scopes… everything needs to be right. There’s nothing worse than coming back from the hunt empty handed because your gear failed. There’s one piece of kit you might not be thinking of that’s as important as anything else… your hunting boots! If your hunting boots are beat up, out of shape, and just not capable of getting the job done, we can help. Red Wing proudly stocks the world’s best hunting boots… Irish Setters!

Irish Setters – Red Wing Monroeville’s Hunting Boots

Like all of our boots, our Irish Setter Hunting boots are purpose built for the job. Whether you need boots for cold weather hunts, wet season hunting, boots for extreme terrain, or everything in-between and around. There’s no trail you’ll be on this Fall and Winter that will be too much for your Red Wings. Not to mention – with boots featuring RealTree camo patterns and ScentLock technology, you’ll be better prepared for the hunt then ever!

Red Wing Hunting Boots Gallery

Enough talk for now: check out the goods!

As you can see – these boots are made to stalk the trails!

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Ready to pick up a pair of Red Wing’s Irish Setter Hunting Boots? Head up to the store! We’re hunters ourselves, and can help find you the right pair for your next hunt. Once we pick out a pair, we’ll hook you up with a FREE expert fitting. The perfect fit, on the perfect pair of boots. 

The last thing you want is to have to worry about your footwear while out on the hunt this year. So skip all that. Get on a pair of Red Wing’s Irish Setter hunting boots, and the only thing you’ll have to focus on is your aim! Have a great hunting season, Pittsburgh!

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