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Our “HassleFree Safety Footwear” industrial sales program, known as Red Wing For Business, will make your life easier in so many ways!  

First and foremost, we bring our Red Wing store to your office, warehouse or facility.  If you have even a small space (think: break room, conference room… even a larger closet) we can get to work!  

Second, our Red Wing For Business program helps you protect your employees from injury, deliver extra comfort, and in turn generate better productivity.  We know hard working men and women love our work boots. Once you choose Red Wing Monroeville for your crew, there is no turning back! You show your employees that you value their contributions and care about their safety and morale, and they show you how much they value your leadership and vision.  Like we said: we make your life easier! 

Next, when you choose Red Wing Monroeville, know that our experienced and well-versed Red Wing for Business sales team will work closely with you to customize the best safety shoe program for your workers. You tell us your problems and pain points, and we’ll tailor a program that perfectly solves your needs! 

Finally, you’ll receive a number of operational incentives as part of your partnership with Red Wing For Business!  These include real time analytics, multiple layers of accounting checks and balances, established credit, one source financing and tons more.  

Why So Many Companies Choose Red Wing For Business Program: 

  • We Come To You! 
  • Ease of Integration and Use
  • Customization
    • We customize our products based on your needs
  • Communication
    • You need something. We deliver.
    • You call. We answer. 
    • Your Problem. Our Solution. 
  • Operational Incentives
    • Analytics
    • Accounting checks and balances and more
    • One Source Invoicing and more 
  • Personalized Boot Fitting
    • On Site. We Come to You!  
  • Compliance with Safety Regulations 
  • Variety of Product 
    • Huge selection of fits, styles, sizes and more 
  • Improved Morale & Productivity 
    • Happy Staff=Happy Manager! 


Don’t just take our word for it – listen to what clients of Red Wing Monroeville’s Hassle Free Safety Footwear Program have to say!

“We initially chose Red Wing Monroeville over competitors for our company boot program based on their responsiveness over the phone. They always called back in a timely manner, offered to come out to the site to discuss options, and didn’t act like we were just another company on the list. I was pleasantly surprised that they were willing to bring everything onsite to fit our employees and provide boots on the spot despite the fact that we are a smaller operation. Brandon and Vince went above and beyond to ensure that the entire process was seamless. Our employees couldn’t be happier with the quality of their boots and we now have a highly successful program in place thanks to them.” – Bobbi L, Google

Contact Our Industrial Sales Team!

We are proud member of the ASSP!

Our industrial sales team is ready, willing and able to make your life easier while helping you provide a huge benefit to your employees. 

To learn more about how Red Wing Monroeville‘s HassleFree Safety Footwear Program,  please fill out the form below or contact us directly at 412-372-4902!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  We value your business. 

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    Howard Mitchell
    Howard Mitchell
    15:42 09 Apr 19
    Redwing has a great reputation and great products. I was glad to find a Redwing store in my area. The staff were helpful and spent time with me. I will definitely purchase from them again and recommend them to family and more
    Rob Jones
    Rob Jones
    19:34 20 Mar 19
    Every time I walk into the store I want to buy every pair of shoes/boots I see. But I love the extra care of the after-sale work. I can go back in now and then and get the boots some protective touch-up and looking new again. (Well...almost new.) Very cool more
    Rebekah Rodkey
    Rebekah Rodkey
    17:52 02 Mar 19
    Great store with excellent customer service. Josh was fantastic, handling the Saturday morning high customer volume including our inquisitive toddler like a champ. My husband walked out of the store wearing a high quality Red Wing work boot that was properly fitted and at a reasonable price. Invest in your feet!read more
    22:52 17 Feb 19
    The sales person (Brandon) I dealt with was probably the best I have ever dealt with. After he finished up with another customer he gave a quick rundown of which boots were where. Brandon gave me just enough time to think of what I might want and started going into specifics about the materials in the boot. Not once did he try to upsell me (which I hate). Ex: He recommended the inserts to buy, but did not push the item. Overall I would go back to the store in a heartbeat. That was probably the least painful experience I’ve ever had buying boots, and I’ll be sure to stop more
    Jaeci Joseph
    Jaeci Joseph
    17:06 14 Jan 19
    Great store! I’ve heard good things about Red Wings from family but never stopped in. My first time there Vince took care of me and answered all of questions! He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products! Definitely more
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