Insulated Boots

Insulated Boots

All it takes is one winter in Pittsburgh to understand the need for insulated boots!

Whether you’re outside during the colder season for work, or play, you need to keep your feet warm. It’s not just about comfort – it’s about safety! Red Wing Shoes is all about providing the world’s best purpose built footwear for the job at hand. Our collection of insulated boots are no different

Purpose Built for Warmth

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the work or fun stops. Masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, hunters, (and most importantly… Steelers fans!) throughout Pittsburgh can benefit from wearing insulated boots from Red Wing shoes.

One of our favorite insulated boot stories? We had a deer hunter come in to the store after a successful excursion on the game trail. He strapped on a new pair of our 4881 Rutmaster boots that morning. After spotting a deer, he tracked his quarry through an almost-frozen creek for 2 hours, never once getting cold or wet.  He let us know – he had us to thank for bagging his prey that day.

We build our insulated boots to tackle the toughest conditions mother nature can throw your way. Take a look below to see some of our most popular insulated boot models.

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Insulated boots are available in almost every one of our collections, so be sure to let us know what you’ll be using the boots for. We’ll hook you up!

Stay Toasty with Red Wing Insulated Boots!

If you saw something you like above, don’t get cold feet… ever again! Head up to our store and our highly trained footwear professionals will find you the perfect insulated boot for your job/task, and get you a perfect fit for that boot.

Questions? Reach out! Feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page, contact Red Wing Monroeville online, or give us a ring at 412-372-4902!

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