Irish Setters from Red Wing Monroeville

Red Wing Shoe’s Irish Setter brand has long been thought of as a comfortable, durable, purpose built and high performing line of shoes. Like Red Wing itself, these boots have a long and rich history. Let’s dive a little deeper into that history, as well as what to expect from Irish Setters in 2019!

From a New Model

Red Wing's Irish SettersRed Wing Shoes launched boot style 854 in 1950 by our master cobblers out of our now world-famous Red Russet leather. These were boots for hard workers and dutiful outdoorsmen. The red russet leather and nature of these boots quickly led to the nickname “Irish Setter”, after the dependable and legendary dog breed. the nickname caught on fast, and with the success of 854, many new Irish Setters were designed and produced. A new line of boots was born!

To a whole new brand!

After 70 years, our Irish Setter brand is still going strong. Folks use them for work and for play, and they get the job done (and then some!) in both areas!

This purpose built footwear line has everything you need to get that job at hand done. Whether you need insulation for cold work days, waterproofing for wetland hunting, or steel toes for a dangerous worksite, you’ll find a pair of shoes in our Irish Setter line that works perfectly for you. However. you won’t need a new pair for each job! While these boots are highly specialized, they’re no one-trick-ponies. The vast majority of our Irish Setter line is versatile enough that you won’t need to take them off when heading out for some fun on the hunting trail after a long week on the job site.

The only thing these boots are missing? You! Head up to our store in Monroeville and get fit for a pair of Irish Setters by our professional sales team today – you’ll love what the Irish Setter brand has to offer! Don’t just take our word for it though – check out the video below to get a feel for this awesome Red Wing Shoes brand!

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