Now Serving Monaca!

Red Wing Monroeville is excited to announce that we’re now able to service the commercial and industrial businesses in the Monaca area in the wake of our sister store closing! 

The Red Wing Shoes Advantage – In Monaca, and Everywhere Else!

We’ll Come to Monaca!

Red Wing Monroeville’s industrial sales team will come to your work site in Monaca, fit your guys individually, and come back with their customized boot orders. No lost time on the work site, and you won’t have to ask your guys to take extra time outside of work!

Guaranteed fit by experts

Each member of our staff is totally familiar with each and every pair of boots we sell. We know which ones have bigger toe boxes, which ones are best for narrow heels, which ones run big or small. We promise to get your guys a perfect fit, and we won’t stop until that’s done

Best Boots in the World

Our reputation usually precedes us, but just in case you didn’t already know: our work boots are the best in the world! For over a century, Red Wing Shoes has built a reputation for comfort, protection, quality, and durability. Our wide selection of boots are purpose-built to take on the hardest jobs in the world. 

30 Day Service Program

We stand behind our product, indefinitely. Service after the sale is what we’re all about! In the age of click-to-buy, we give you a reason to shop at a brick -and-mortar store: our 30 day service program! We’ll polish, clean, and condition your worker’s boots once a month, for free. As part of that service, we’ll replace the eyelets and laces if needed. Our 30 day service program ensures your workers get the most out of their boots, and will increase the time in between boot purchases for you!

Let’s Get Started

The Monaca store closed, but the incredibly service you get from Red Wing Shoes is here to stay. Get in touch! Give us a ring at 412-372-4902 or contact us on our Industrial Sales Page and let’s get the process started! Your workers will thank you!

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