Waterproof Boots

Waterproof Boots

Red Wing Monroeville’s selection of waterproof boots are all about one thing: keeping your feet dry, all day long!

Many fields that require hard work require you to work in some wet situations. Thow who work in those fields will likely have the unfortunate experience of getting their feet wet on the job.

While most the times it’s just uncomfortable, if you don’t do something about it, it can lead to serious issues that could keep you from doing your job the right way… and who wants that? Without a pair of waterproof boots, you might be soaking wet and miserable the whole day at work – if you can even make it in to work (Swamp foot is no joke!). Don’t take that chance!

Purpose Built for Dryness

Waterproof boots from Red Wing shoes are constructed to completely and totally insulate your feet from exposure to water. These boots are always double, and sometimes even triple, sealed and waterproofed to provide the maximum in waterproofing protection.

The process for waterproofing is twofold: first, during the design phase for each boot, we implement waterproofing methods learned over our centuries of experience – such as double liners, shape,  etc. Second, After we’ve designed the boot, we construct it using on the finest materials. For example: The leather we used in the construction of our boots is tanned using a process that takes much longer than the normal, “efficient” process. The result? A much more waterproof leather.

Once we put our boots together, we then immerse them in state-of-the-art hydrophobic compounds. After that, we submit them to detailed and rigorous testing.

The end result? The world’s finest waterproof boots. You can find waterproof boots in our Irish Setter, and WORX collections.

Stay Dry! Get Waterproof Boots!

Ask anyone – wet feet are no fun on the job. So, why not skip that altogether? Buy a pair of Red Wing’s waterproof boots!

When you’re ready to stay dry, head up to our store and get a perfect fit in a pair of our waterproof boots. If you have any questions,  leave us a message on Facebook, contact Red Wing Monroeville online, or call us at 412-372-4902!

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