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WORX Boots from Red Wing Monroeville

WORX SignWORX boots are our most varied collection. Featuring purpose built boots for a huge variety of jobs, the WORX line also represents a great value!

The WORX collection features boots for electricians, plumbers, contractors, engineers, firefighters, police, and all at a great price. These boots are for the hard working Americans that don’t need a steel/composite toe, but still have to be on their feet all day long. They deserve an excellent, durable, comfortable Red Wing boot as well!

If this sounds like you, take a look at our this collection! You’ll no doubt find a pair of WORX boots that will be perfect for your job. And, since these boots have the Red Wing logo on them, you already know that each and every pair of these work boots are going to built to the highest of quality standards.

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We pride ourselves on offering the very best boots in the world… and the very best service in Pittsburgh. Versatility is key to how we conduct business, and versatility is key with the this collection. The WORX collection features boots for people from all walks of life, and we’d love to get you the perfect fit in one of them!

Interested in buying a pair of the most versatile work boots in Pittsburgh? Head up to the store! After we find you the perfect fit, you’ll walk out happy… with a pair of WORX boots that will make your job easier!

Questions for Red Wing Shoes? Get in touch! Send us a message on Facebook, or contact Red Wing Monroeville online. You can also always reach us at 412-372-4902. We look forward to hearing from the fine folks of Pittsburgh!

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    Paula Richard
    Paula Richard
    22:40 21 May 19
    What an enjoyable experience. Stephanie was the best. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She fitted me for insoles and am very happy with her choice. What an asset she is to your company.read more
    Howard Mitchell
    Howard Mitchell
    15:42 09 Apr 19
    Redwing has a great reputation and great products. I was glad to find a Redwing store in my area. The staff were helpful and spent time with me. I will definitely purchase from them again and recommend them to family and friends.read more
    Rob Jones
    Rob Jones
    19:34 20 Mar 19
    Every time I walk into the store I want to buy every pair of shoes/boots I see. But I love the extra care of the after-sale work. I can go back in now and then and get the boots some protective touch-up and looking new again. (Well...almost new.) Very cool shop.read more
    Rebekah Rodkey
    Rebekah Rodkey
    17:52 02 Mar 19
    Great store with excellent customer service. Josh was fantastic, handling the Saturday morning high customer volume including our inquisitive toddler like a champ. My husband walked out of the store wearing a high quality Red Wing work boot that was properly fitted and at a reasonable price. Invest in your feet!read more
    22:52 17 Feb 19
    The sales person (Brandon) I dealt with was probably the best I have ever dealt with. After he finished up with another customer he gave a quick rundown of which boots were where. Brandon gave me just enough time to think of what I might want and started going into specifics about the materials in the boot. Not once did he try to upsell me (which I hate). Ex: He recommended the inserts to buy, but did not push the item. Overall I would go back to the store in a heartbeat. That was probably the least painful experience I’ve ever had buying boots, and I’ll be sure to stop back.read more
    Jaeci Joseph
    Jaeci Joseph
    17:06 14 Jan 19
    Great store! I’ve heard good things about Red Wings from family but never stopped in. My first time there Vince took care of me and answered all of questions! He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products! Definitely recommend.read more
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